baby, i'm bad news (x_plicit) wrote in foodravers,
baby, i'm bad news

2 new products i've tried.

so apparently, no one really reads this but 3 people, but i don't care. i am typing these for fun.

1st up....

manzanita sol

- (it's a soft drink) basically, every single apple soda i've tasted tastes like a sour green apple lollipop. well, NOT this one. i've always been a little freaked out to try this upon seeing it because, well, what the hell do i know about drinks that have names in spanish? (other than horchata, that is - i am a connoiseur of horchata!!) exactly. so thankfully bignickbc was brave enough to waste his $1.29 on a foreign beverage for me to try. wait, who am i kidding? this is made by pepsi. hah. in short, this stuff is not bad. it tastes like sparkling apple cider. you know, the kind you have during the holidays because there's some sort of stigma attached to drinks that are bottled in what appears to be a champagne bottle that says "classy - for special occassions, only". do i even know what i am talking about? either way, since i was expecting apple soda and this tastes a lot like....APPLE SODA, this gets a 5 out of 5.

cotton candy swirlz

- i believe i was put on this earth to kick ass and eat cotton candy. well, it seems that as of lately i've run out of asses to kick so that leaves me with eating cotton candy for the rest of my life. awesome. SO ABOUT THIS COTTON CANDY, i have's decent. it sort of looks like a pillow, all compressed together to fit in it's 3.1oz bag which in turn kind of freaks me out because i've always had my cotton candy look like his hair, but what am i expecting from an air sealed bag? it doesn't have ROOM to be an afro. the only thing that really bothers me about this cotton candy is its false advertisement. on the package i am promised yellow, pink and blue, which are roughly CIRCUS PINK, BLUE RASPBERRY (which tastes hardly like blue raspberry if you ask me) and PINA COLADA. i have yet to see an equal amount of pina colada in any package of this i've purchased to date. there is always a ton of pink and blue and somewhere among the giant ball of puffiness, you will find a little speck of yellow that leads to a small handful of pina colada cotton candy. it's like finding that pot of gold on the end of the rainbow...only, there's like one chocolate gold coin in the entire pot. WHY MUST candy asap do this to us? oh well, 4 out of 5.

i'll try to update this again sometime before it hits another 5 months. BYE.
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